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Cosmos Blockchain Specialists

We're at the forefront of web3 research and development. We build tools and consult for DeFi projects that use the Cosmos SDK and Tendermint consensus.

Cosmos Consulting

The Cosmos ecosystem is our speciality. We provide reports on the Cosmos development landscape, economic and token modelling, and project viability.

Technical Consulting

Our team has built blockchains, smart-contract applications, and developer tools. Let us design custom solutions to your technical challenges.

Custom Tools

Test the tools we’ve built for Cosmos blockchains. Our team has created data and developer tooling for both open-source communities and custom project needs.

Experts in Blockchain Engineering

We do not accept “average”. Our team is hand selected to have the very best talent across protocol development, smart contract design, economic modelling, and market research to deliver value above and beyond.

This means each team member brings something special; whether that’s a PhD in Physics or Computer Science, a portfolio demonstrating extensive experience, or an encyclopaedic understanding of the Cosmos ecosystem, we only hire the best.

Free Consultation

Share your vision with the Cryptech team! Our confidential reports provide market information, technical implementations, economic viability, and more. Learn from experts before you write a single line of code.

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Why Work with Us

There’s no time for mediocrity. If your project is not compelling, we do not get involved. We’ve worked with Cosmos teams, built Cosmos blockchains, and have a seat in many Cosmos community discussions. We know where the industry is heading. Let us help shape your strategy.

No sugar coating. No false hopes. No compromising on values.
That’s the Cryptech ethos.

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